Sunday, June 27, 2010

Organized Chaos

Today we worked on organizing and reorganizing jammed cupboards. It's funny how you think just because you are going on a long trip, you think you have to stock up on everything before you leave! it's not like we are going to the other side of the world. There's probably a WalMart or Meijer within just a few miles of where we will be staying in Maine, but we tend to think we'd better get stocked up on kindling, groceries and other miscellaneous things we can't do without (HA!) so today, I had to make room for additional "stuff"! Here's what our cupboards look like..I should have done a "before" and "after" photo. We now have camping chairs for beside the fire (ones you don't mind if a few sparks land on them and burn holes in the seat), two rockers for us baby boomers who still need to rock, and then the lounger chairs (zero gravity chairs) that most RVers have..I think we have plenty of chairs for company if anybody stops by. We had to postpone leaving for a day because our computer is not working with the router network set up in the motor home, so off we go to Angola Monday morning to get that ironed out before we leave. We plan on traveling about 300 miles each day to our destination Friday, in Bar Harbor, Maine. we've heard wonderful wonderful stories about the hiking, restaurants, lobsters on the side of the road eateries, etc. can't wait to get there!

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  1. I'll be following your progress. Such an adventure! Drive carefully you two and enjoy the open road.
    Sis xxoo