Monday, June 28, 2010

High Tech Travel

Remember the good old days when we'd get out a map, and trace a route along the paper maps? Here's how Eldy and I are doing it today...we're in New York, and ready to end today's travel of about 300 miles. We have a directory called "Exit Now"...we simply look up interstate 90 in New York, and it tells you what's available at each exit as far as truck stops, fast food, gas, etc. Next we look at a couple of apps for our is called State Line, and it tells you whether you can sleep overnight in rest stops, what towing laws are for that state, right turn on red allowed or not, liquor laws for that state, and many other rules and regulations. We know that we can't spend the night overnight in a rest stop, so the next app we checked on our phone was called All Stays Camp and RV. It takes your GPS location, and then tells you what's available in campgrounds for each exit and where the nearest WalMart is...most WalMarts allow RVers to park overnight for free...voila! We decide the freebie way is best for tonight since it's getting late. The app has the phone number for the Walmart right there. I call them to check to see if it's ok for us to park overnight, and they say sure! Can't beat that! We'll put our bedroom slide out only and get back on the road early tomorrow. Maybe I can talk Eldy into a decent restaurant meal since our overnight stay is FREE!

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