Friday, June 7, 2013

What's Going On in Sarasota During the Summer?

Sarasota, FL       High:  86   Low:  76

Here's some of the latest happenings going on in Sarasota, in case you thought with the snowbirds gone, there's nothing going on...We thought maybe that was going to happen, but NOPE! No worries, mate! Lots going on, lots to do.....

First of all, Nik Wallenda, (check out the link to a very interesting interview in Sarasota Magazine) the famous tightrope walking dude of the famous multigenerational Wallenda family, and who's a wonderful spokesperson and promoter for his hometown of Sarasota, is going to practice at Nathan Benderson Park, the new rowing facility in town. He's walking the tightrope at the Grand Canyon in late June. He will be walking at 1500 feet over the Colorado River with NO TETHER and no net at a height greater than the Sears Tower. So we want to go see one of his practices which are free and open to the public at Benderson Park. He's a really cool guy, thoughtful, kind, generous with his time to his community, a man of great faith, and very well liked by all who meet him. He says his main calling in life is to be a father, everything else comes next. Gotta love a performer who believes in family first!

The Pan American Masters Swimming Championships are this month in Sarasota for the first time. Sparky is gonna go see some of the events as she swam competitively from the age of 13 -20. Sparky might even be motivated to swim laps regularly again after seeing some of these seniors compete. Dr. "Bumpy" Jones, 80 years old, is one of the Sarasota stars of the Sarasota team. He was in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. In March this year, he set seven national records in a single meet for his age group! Sparky always likes to hear about older athletes doing amazing things. It keeps her motivated to keep moving and keep exercising--more days than not...  :-) Lately, she's been a little complacent about exercise. Time to get a movin', Sparky!

The start of the Sarasota Music Festival started June 3. This month long Sarasota orchestra event brings 60 college age students chosen from a pool of 500 aspiring musicians from all over the world. They come from the best music conservatories in the country to play here locally. Sparky played flute and piano in her youth for five and seven years respectively. She likes classical music almost as much as jazz and seventies music!  Eldy likes all kinds of music.....So we might attend one of the performances this month. 

Sparky is all ears! It's time for "Savor Sarasota". Oh, boy! (Uh-oh! says E.) For two weeks forty-five restaurants offering what they call "prix fixe" lunches and dinners. That's a set price for 2 or more courses for 15.00 for lunch and a prix-fix, three course dinner for 29.00. After reading the menus for the special event, Sparky has decided to amp up her minimal exercise program just in case Eldo decides to try some of these restaurants out! (Hint, hint! And that's Sparky talking there, not Eldo!) Sarasota has the highest concentration of Zagat rated restaurants in Florida. It's a food lover's paradise! Much to Sparky's delight!

We do our part to support the local economy by visiting different restaurants. Yesterday we decided to try Trader Vic' "island bar and grill".

Even though the island setting is just a fountain inspired pond off Fruitville Road, it still has a cool atmosphere and some interesting items on the menu. We just tried Beef Cho Cho, a hibachi fired grill with beef on bamboo sticks. You cook semi pre-cooked beef more to your liking at your table on a hibachi grill. They use a balsamic Madeira glaze as a marinade. It was delicious!

There are a LOT more things going on in Sarasota this summer...We'll be reporting on them! Hope you'll stick around...We've got some more interesting things coming up, they are just going to be a little spread out in the blog....Stay tuned!


  1. Sarasota is a great place. It is good that they got the swimming competition.

  2. You inspired me to do a few posts on what's to do in Charlottesville due to your never ending ability to find new and different things in Sarasota.

  3. Sarasota is fun! I haven't been in a while but I've been meaning to make my way out there once I get my RV serviced at Stoltzfus-Rec