Friday, June 14, 2013

Music to Our Ears

We never get tired of hearing great music at Ocean Blues....It's that time of the week again...Monday nights Jazz Jam at Ocean Blues. They have different music every night of the week but Monday just happens to be one of our favorites so far. We enjoy the people watching, the musicians greeting each other and jumping in to play, the camaraderie of the players and the customers, the atmosphere of Ocean Blues...It's cozy, intimate and friendly....

Steve Arvey and Company...

There are regulars--Steve on the guitar, Bryan Post, the drummer, another Steve--the trumpet player and Michael Dempsey, the bass player. Sparky is just going to have to be better about acknowledging the rest of these great musicians and get their names down pat. Steve, the trumpet player, has some cool shirts that he wears.
He came over to talk to us for awhile. He knew that Eldy made brass instruments for famous players and for schools. Steve had a gadget he designed to work with students in the schools, to teach them how to improvise and play their own music. It was very cool, but we didn't have a CLUE as to what he was talking about as he launched into the very long and technical musical side of how this little wheel worked. Sparky is sure a music teacher would have appreciated it a whole lot more. But we were impressed, none the less.

Steve Arvey was really working his hot sauces last night. He has several now that he's selling. Must be a blues musician thing going on, selling hot sauces. Remember the "Sauce Boss" who came to Myakka River State park this past winter? We didn't buy any of Steve's sauces this evening...Both of our stomachs and tongues just aren't able to appreciate that really hot stuff!

But we sure do appreciate the music! Great jamming last night....There was a new keyboard player from Brazil, Regis Moriero who lent a Latin bossa nova feel to the music for awhile. Steve did a great job on guitar as always...He has the most infectious grin when he's enjoying his buddies playing along with him. He played an original song he wrote which was just wonderful!

We were happy to be at Ocean Blues..they are always so welcoming to their patrons....Food is great, music is wonderful, it was a great night!

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  1. We have a blues band that is great here in Las Cruces called 24/7. It so happens that my RV guy plays the sax in the band? :-) I have some great RV friends that live in Bradenton that I met in Oregon several years ago...