Monday, June 17, 2013

"Dig the Beach!" Volleyball Tournament and Beach Babes

Eldo always does what Sparky wants to do in terms of activities, so today, he got to do what HE wanted to do! And that was to go see the beach volleyball tournament, Dig the Beach 2013 at Siesta Key Beach this morning. Bikini beach babes galore...Yessiree!

But to be fair, this isn't just about the women. It's a co-ed tournament with a junior tournament as well, open to kids as young as 7. Hm-m-m-mm...wonder if they have lower nets for them? We didn't see any. There were a lot of women's teams playing while we were there, that's why you don't see any photos of the men in action. (I'm not complaining, says E., grinning.)

There were 372 teams ready, willing, and able to bump, set, and spike the ball down their opponents' throats today. There were forty courts set up on the beach for play.This event is so popular, there were ninety teams on a waiting list. The tournament goes all weekend....The Dig the Beach Volleyball Tournament is now in its 20th year and Siesta Key is one of its stops. It has been one of the main ones for the last ten years. There was lots of action going on but some were sidelined from the action....
It's a whole 'nuther culture out there, this beach volleyball.

Tattoos were in evidence with the ladies, we saw...

Not a lot else to say about the tourney today..Gotta LOVE the sun and sand and not worry about the burn to be out there playing in the heat and touring the Florida volleyball circuit. Plus, you don't make much money at all. Prize money for the winners today depended on how much was collected in the prize pot. One of the star players in the tournament today has a counseling job at the local high school for her regular gig.

Does Sparky like volleyball? Uh, nope! Sparky does not enjoy playing the sport of volleyball AT ALL. Sparky got bonked in the head plenty of times while playing the sport when she was younger. And she always managed to hurt her wrist and forearm on the serve. She's terrible at volleyball. But Eldo really enjoyed the sport when he was younger.. And he enjoys watching it for sure! Lots to see today....the colorful flags and tents....

the crowd....the babes,

the shots, the action....

the bikinis....Sparky liked this girl's hat. She seemed to have a little extra spunk about her, but we didn't get to see her play.
the babes.....
Ok, 'nuff of that. Sparky is about out of photos for today....(Aw, shucks, says Eldo in the background).

Sparky said, "Eldy, you could go out and train for the volleyball Masters"...Is there one, Sparky wonders? There seems to be a Masters for everything! But Eldy demurred...he'd rather watch this sport than play. He has a bad shoulder and it would probably give him a lot of grief. Sigh....(That woman is always trying to get me injured! says E.) Naw, just trying to keep the both of us moving and doing something for our health.....Eldo knows Sparky means well......
maybe in our younger days....sigh....
We enjoyed our time at Siesta Key Beach today...Water temp is 85 degrees! We should have gone swimming while we were there! Oh, well...another day....See you later.....


  1. Dang, those are some "buff" chicks - I only wish in my wildest dreams! :-(

  2. Hmm , looks like a perfect day for people watching! Oh and a few nice looking chicks there too!

  3. David is giving Eldy a high 5. This is his favorite olympic sport too. LOL Although he uses the fact that he was a very good volleyball player beach and court as his excuse. Uhhhh sure Dave.

  4. Al likes to watch beach volleyball too. He used to love to play in his younger years but I think 3 shoulder surgeries have put a stop to that sport.

  5. I love their tans. Looked like a fun day!

  6. I agree with Sparky - I always hurt myself too playing volleyball. Looks like a great place to people watch.