Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Visit to Spokane

Blocks at Riverfront Park, a family friendly place
We're settled in for a few days at Little Diamond RV Park in Newton, WA, close to Spokane. It looks like we will be here a week...four days for free on our Thousand Trails zone membership, then 3.00 a day for the additional three days. We decided to drive into Spokane today to hit the Costco store for necessities and then explore the downtown a little bit...

Spokane has a beautiful waterfront park called Riverfront Park. They have little places you can eat and little spots where you can eat and have a beer or grab some ice cream or snow cones. You can see Spokane Falls from this park, because the Spokane River runs right through the downtown. We walked across the park to see the falls, but the walkways are fenced off right now for construction. They have little gondola rides to ride over the falls for the great price of 7.25 for adults.

There's an Imax theater at this park, and a fantastic water fountain sculpture for the kids. I had a ball watching the kids have a ball today running through the fountain.

This little gal was enthralled with the kids, the water, and the fountain....I loved her little outfit!
There was a little train to take people around the park on a guided tour....There was a sharp dressed balloon man making oodles of balloon poodles for little kids and big kids, too!

The city of Spokane has really done a nice job with this park...the flowers are beautiful, and the park is clean and neat, and the scenery of the city is really great!

They even had a Red Flyer wagon for the kids to play on!

Hey, that's an awfully big kid under that wagon. It sort of looks like Eldo! Why, that IS Eldo!

They even had sculptures there......and a trash eating goat that kids just loved to feed their trash to..It was a sculpture metal goat with a trash compactor inside!
We really enjoyed the beautiful day outside and Sparky especially enjoyed taking lots of photos today, as you can tell!  Here's my favorite for the day.....


  1. And great photos they were too.
    I can't believe that wagon!! Is that the home town of Flexible Flyer????

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