Friday, August 12, 2011

A REALLY Slow Day!

Not much to say, it was a really slow day...
Eldy planned and planned and thought and thought,
Made reservations, and sometimes it was all for naught...

We booked a double site by accident,
Then rebooked and reserved for what we really meant!

Out came the maps and out came the pen,
Figured and refigured all over again....

We have a plan, we have a place,
Going to Glacier, Yellowstone and it's a race
To beat the crowds and see what we can,
Stick around and you'll find out our plans.....

For now it's off to Medical Lake,
To hear bluegrass music and sample the food,
We're excited to hear some music
With a different kind of mood!


  1. So does this mean now, on a slow day, I need to study up on my T.S.Geisel??
    You're setting the bar mighty high there Sparky. Seriously.
    (oh, and my captcha just happened to be "shous". So close!)

  2. WOW! What a great rhyming post. No way I could do that. Yur a poet and didn't know it. Or did you???

    Need to know where you are going to be camping in Glacier and Yellowstone so we can try to meet up with you.