Saturday, August 6, 2011

Here Comes the Bride....But Not Quite Yet!

Gosh, it's great to have my whole immediate family here...all three brothers are here (counting the youngest, Charlie the groom) for his wedding, AND my sister! Charlie is right in the middle.
We spent the day running around, going to the grocery store at least three times today, setting up for the wedding and just catching up with each other. It was wonderful to talk about what we remembered as kids, and the boys get so animated when they tell stories, you just have to laugh and laugh. They are the kind of guys that get really wound up when recounting funny things they did as kids. Lots of gesturing, and voices get louder and louder and we just all end up laughing our sox off! Eldy enjoyed hearing their escapades as much as we enjoyed remembering. Here's Charlie, the groom, with his fiancee's dog, Frank.

Isn't he a cutie? Charlie, that is, and well, ok, so is Frank.......
There were many hugs all the way around....

It takes a lot to get ready for an outdoor wedding....put up the arbor, tents, lights, and get ready for the music.
Charlie, working hard!
After dinner, Kris, Charlie's fiancee, started getting her groove on for the big day tomorrow.....Kris is on the far right.....

They practiced volume control on their vows, competing with wind in the trees and traffic from the nearby interstate.....
"NOW is it loud enough?"
One by one, the girls started gathering on the log.....

Then a bunch the girls, along with Kris, decided to brave the icy cold river and float down a little bit!

It was a wonderful day, and it's going to be an even more wonderful day tomorrow......See you at the wedding!

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  1. Weddings are such wonderful happy occasions. I'm so glad you were able to be with all of your siblings. Both the day of and the day before look like everyone had a great time.

    Posting this here because I couldn't post on the wedding day blog for some reason.

    WAY to go Eldy FOR SURE!!!