Sunday, August 14, 2011

Three More Days....

We have three more days to go here at Little Diamond/Thousand Trails/KOA RV park. It's been quiet and peaceful, but we've managed to keep ourselves busy thus far. Not sure what awaits us for the next couple of days...
View along the way to Sand Point, ID
Yesterday we went to Sand Point, Idaho for the Festival at Sand Point. This is a ten day festival that had great entertainment all week. Friday night was Michael Franti and Spearhead, one of my favorite bands, but we didn't know about it and it was rather expensive. Michael Franti and Spearhead blend hiphop with funk, reggae, jazz, folk and rock influences. He's an interesting performer, and supports several different social issues and causes....I just love it when performers are into other things besides themselves!

Eldy is not a fan of hip hop, so he's not sorry he missed it, lol, but I am! At any rate, on Saturday, we took a beautiful drive out highway 2 east, which ran along the Priest River to Idaho's Sand Point, a city of about 6,000 people. This is a gorgeous area with mountains all around and the river running through it. (That was a movie wasn't it? asks E.) Yep, it was...I think it was all about fly fishing in Montana or something like that.....

At any rate....lots of craft booths to inspire Sparky, (sigh! more craft supplies in the future? asks E.) (Sparky pleads the 5th!) some food vendors, and a great beach with great views--City Beach....We really enjoyed walking around at all the crafts--well, Sparky did...Eldy wandered off to the beach area to look at all the ........sand, water, and mountains, (tee hee! laughs Sparky) The weather was hot, but there was a breeze...Can't remember the last time we had rain anywhere--oh, yeah! On the Oregon coast around the end of June....Wow! Two months and no rain! That's one way to avoid thunderstorms and thundershowers--move around!
City Beach at Sand Point, ID
Speaking of moving around, we'll be movin' out of here in three more days. We've got "The Tour" all planned out--Glacier National Park and Yellowstone coming up. It took a lot of figuring and planning and commitment to campgrounds as far as planning ahead, something we really don't like to do--reserving weeks ahead. But with Labor Day weekend coming up, the last hurrah for many families vacationing and camping, you really need to book something ahead of time to get into well known places. We're excited, too, because we are heading back to Indiana this fall to spend time with Eldy's side of the family. And, we know where we are going to be wintering this year--in Florida! Eldy worked hard on the budget, figuring costs and keeping campground costs down in the next few months so we can enjoy Florida as it costs more to winter there than in Texas or Arizona. After all that planning, Eldo is going to lay low for the next couple of days and recuperate! (Unless Sparky drags him on an exploratory trip or activity in the area)...We'll see you later!


  1. Great pictures. I am a Thousand Trails/Naco member. I am always interested in pictures from the parks. I have a membership that covers all the TT/N parks, but not Leisure Time.

  2. Very excited that you are coming home for a month. Connor is so excited. He misses you guys. By then he will be able to tell you all about his school and hopefully you will be able to spend a little time with him on Grandparents day. I can't wait, very excited. We will have to try and do something fun while you are home. Love and miss ya. Thanks Dad for working so hard on your budget to be able to come home. Kristi