Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Slow Week...

Since we are staying here for MORE than a week, actually nine days here at Little Diamond Thousand Trails Park, I'm probably going to post just every couple of days. We are just trying to conserve funds and not venture out too much after Sedona, Arizona and my brother's wedding in Easton, Washington. We're going to do laundry, plan our trip to Glacier National Park, and figure out some other destinations for the winter. So tonight's post is a "shortie" and unless we are doing something special that warrants some photos and narrative 'cuz Sparky wants to share, you probably won't see a post every day while we are here. That's a tough one for me to accept, really! I pride myself on having something to say each and every day and work hard to get some good photos, but there's only so much you can say while parked in the woods, out in the boonies, and not taking any day trips! I say that, and then, something will come to mind, but we'll see.....just wanted to give everybody a heads up if you don't hear from us daily for the next week.

I'm going to be crafty this week..I'm going to make a digital scrapbook from my brother's wedding and then print the pages, add some extra embellishments then bind them into a visual scrapbook as a memento of their special day. But that's another topic for my craft blog, Millie's Girls.

Today's photos are left from our trip to the Spokane Riverfront Park yesterday. I forgot to mention the 1909 Looff carrousel that is under a roof at the park and is available for rides. Beautiful horses and animals on that thing!

The metal runners sculptures are at one of the corners of the park, and there are quite a few of them "rounding" the corner, along with a couple depicted in wheelchairs. Not sure of the story behind that, but they are very interesting to see.....

Sculptures at the corner of Riverfront Park in Spokane, WA
But don't go away! Hang around and we'll be back with more stuff to share soon!

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