Thursday, November 26, 2020

An Eventful Thanksgiving

 First of all, Sparky and Eldo want to say, we are so thankful for our family and friends who understand we have a little vagabond dust in us, who DIDN'T say, "Are you CRAZY? Going back out on the road full time at your age?", who love us and support us by being happy for us because we love being out on the road and we can do it. We are thankful that our family is healthy for the most part, that we have decent health, and can still travel and see this beautiful country of ours. We hope you were able to see family in a meaningful safe way today....whether it was in the same room, on Zoom, or just on the phone, hearing the voices of loved ones. We both talked to some of our family members, used Face Time to connect, and sent texts. It's both harder and easier with technology these days to stay close to your family. We love it that we can also move around more easily and cheaply to visit our family and see them more than when we had our sticks and bricks house in Florida.

We were delighted to discover that Larry, the guy who guided us into a VERY tight spot in a heavily wooded park back in Indiana back when we first started out traveling and learning how to back in a fifth wheel, arrived yesterday with his wife, Connie, to Peace River, and promptly invited us over to safely distance outdoors and have dinner with them and their son.

We spent the entire morning getting rid of old papers and Sparky tried getting rid of some major craft supplies that are just not going to fit in the rig, NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES she moved things around.  Well, phooey! Anyway, after awhile, the paper pile got so big, Sparky had the brilliant idea to burn it in the fire pit. But she didn't pay close attention to: 1. The fire pit was less than 3 feet to the rig, 2. the awnings were out, and 3. which way the wind was blowing. Before you can say, UH-OH! Not to worry, Sparky did not burn any holes in the awning, BUT--all of a sudden, there was a really loud alarm going off, INSIDE THE RIG. Eldo says, "What the heck is THAT? Is that coming from our rig?" The paper debris/smoke from the fire set off the smoke detector INSIDE, with closed windows. Guess the front door was open and the smoke got in. Oopsie! Sparky went rushing in waving paper in front of the alarm trying to get it to turn off. Finally, it did.

Later, we headed over to the picnic area to meet up with our friends. All of a sudden, the alarm was going off on Eldo's watch. It thought he had fallen, he hadn't. He didn't figure out it was his watch right away, so the watch dialed 911. Eldo gets a call from the Wachula emergency department making sure he was ok! Like that Apple watch, but sometimes it's a little too sensitive!

We had a great time with our friends...Sparky played corn hole for the first time...A Hoosier from Indiana, and she had never played! It was so nice to run into nice people once again. You think as RVers that yes, you will meet people, enjoy their company, and then not see them again, but you do! We had no idea they were coming to Peace River. Two different couples from up in Indiana...Welcome Larry and Connie, and welcome Connie and Richard!


  1. I love that RVing is a 'small world'. Running into people out of the blue is great! Glad that Eldy didn't really fall, or your awnings get burned :)

  2. Thanks, we are glad, too! Happy holidays to you and George!

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