Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Our Second Mishap....

They say things happen in threes....Was that supposed to be good things? Sigh....We got our awnings taken off at the Alabama COE park and we were on our way the next day.

We get to Tennessee and unhitch, and here we go with the leveling system. It's automatic leveling on a Jayco Pinnacle 5th wheel....not a problem until today...Front jacks down? Check. Rear jacks down?  Check. Middle stabilizer jacks down? Nope. Three times we tried, and kept getting blinking code red flashing on our leveling system pad. Did the old "if all else fails, reboot" too. Calls in to Jayco and Lippert (the manufacturers of the jacks) and it looks like it's repair time. Jayco is in Middlebury, and we are headed to Indiana at the end of the week, so we will try to get our jacks straightened out and the awnings replaced. In the mean time, we can have our slides out as the front and rear jacks are ok, so we are settled in for two nights at the Texas T Campground in Cornerstone, TN. Great reviews for this park and really nice staff.

It's a small park,  40 sites, gravel and level, and big rig friendly. If you are over 40 feet like we are, you are automatically assigned to a premium site which is longer and a little more money. Nice spacing between the sites. Nice picnic tables, great, friendly staff. We are here for two nights while we visit with Eldy's daughter and family. They have several discounts available, and with Good Sam's discount, we paid 67.43 before sales tax and occupancy tax, which is charged in TN. (Our campground goal is under 40.00 a night or lots better.) We used to be able to stay in decent campgrounds easily for under 30.00 a night, using commercial campgrounds and our Thousand Trails membership package as much as possible, but campground costs have increased in the last few years since we were full timing before, 8 years ago. (For anyone new to RVing, electric/water and sewer are part of the campground site charge.)

There is decent wifi, too! A little road noise from I-65 behind us, but no problem with AC's running plus a small fan we always have running all night long. They have a tiny laundry room--one washer, one dryer, and the dryer wasn't working very well while we were there. 2.00 to wash, 2.00 to dry. We don't have a washer/dryer on board, even with this size rig, so we are at the mercy of campground laundry facilities.We don't mind, rather, SPARKY doesn't mind, because the laundry cabinet sans washer and dryer, is her craft storage. Isn't Eldo a nice guy for not minding? Everybody nod their heads, please. :-)

PS. We are winning the war with the ants. (see previous post about ants marching.) We left the Alabama campground yesterday, haha!

See you next time at the Jack Daniels Distillery for a tour!


  1. So sorry to hear this. Uggg - jacks. Glad you are in Indiana since you can pretty much get anything fixed there unlike here in Virginia. I sympathize with the increased campground costs. They have really soared in the recent past with the surge in RV sales and full timing in particular. Even the state parks are getting to be $40+ per night. If you've figured out the ant solution, let me know. I've got them here too and Tarro isn't working on those little sugar ants which it always did before. Enjoy the family visits.

  2. At least the problem with the Jacks are covered under warranty.
    Never store anything under the front of the trailer because the Jacks sometimes drift and will crush anything there.
    Being Fulltimers again it's wise to use the Washer/Dryer Cabinet for Storage. It't also lighter weightwise.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your tour.

    It's about time

  3. Uggh, jack problems. We had 'em too at times. Had to get a couple replaced due to leaking probs. I hear ya with campground costs. Before we started workamping, or between gigs, we'd look for the cheapest place we could find. Lots of Walmarting or Flying J. I even remember the K-mart lot you met us at up in Elkhart almost 8 years ago! (Had to look THAT up) :)