Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sparky and Eldo Get Out of "Dodge"

As in escaped the heat!

Sparky would like to give a shout out to her better half, "Eldo", a.k.a. Eldy or Eldon...For HOURS each day for WEEKS, he'd been researching a get away vacation to somewhere cool as in temperature cool. First, we were going to Alaska, but decided since we'd done the Glacier Bay cruise tour, we wouldn't want to come back unless we could go into the interior of Alaska and see Denali National Park, maybe rent an RV...Too expensive for now, we decided...Eldy doesn't do any researching half way...He will cross check and cross reference multiple sites for days at a time, getting the best deals. We had possibilities there, but then we decided Bar Harbor....Actually, as Eldy has trouble with his knees and shoulder, he would have probably preferred going to Alaska and done more of a sightseeing vacation, but knowing how much his gal Sparky LOVES to bike and hike, he planned out a terrific week's stay in Bar Harbor so she could hike and bike at Acadia and maybe Eldo would, too.

First, the weather....We checked out the extended weather for Bar Harbor, and it was TERRIFIC for Sparky...Fifties and sixties for highs, lows in the forties at night...A little too cool for Eldo, but a refreshing change for the both of us, since weather in Sarasota/Bradenton skipped spring and went straight to summer...low nineties! Then, the flight...Allegiant Airlines flies from St. Pete, FL to Bangor, Maine, two days a week, on Mondays and Fridays. Airfare is VERY reasonable to Bangor....It was about 350.00 for one person round trip the first week of June when we went. The problem with Allegiant is, they charge you for everything else...regardless whether you check your bag or carry it on, you pay. Thirty dollars for a checked bag one way, per bag. Allegiant had some problems recently with an episode with one of their jets just this week. Apparently, an engine started smoking 10 minutes out of the airport from St. Pete, and an emergency landing forced them back to the airport. From the news, the evacuation of the flight was sloppily handled by the crew, and it made us nervous to think that this airline might be cutting corners and not keeping their planes well maintained, despite federal regulations. If you google "Allegiant Airlines mishap" you will see several instances of problems, more than you seem to hear from other airlines...Pilots have been raising concerns about the planes' safety for months. Pilots have cited 65 times in seven months where flights had to divert because of mechanical or engine problems. Here's a link to more information about that. http://nyti.ms/1HLP1AG  Yikes!

Next, the rental car...Eldy got on Priceline and made a bid of 23.00 a day, which was accepted. (Taxes extra). Lastly, accommodations....Bar Harbor Manor, a four star hotel right in town for 109.00 a night with AAA discount...But of course, it WAS off season rates.

Our room was terrific...very newly decorated and the whole inn appeared to have been freshly renovated with paint and new fixtures...

There was a little balcony viewing the parking lot, which was very nicely landscaped, lots of wild blueberries going to bloom all over the place soon...In the main office, a sitting area with fresh coffee, a fireplace that they did turn on during the week, with nice cozy couches to sit and read on a rainy day. Very nice people to work with, we enjoyed our stay very much.

We got in late the first night, so about all we did was to find a place to eat...Route 66 right in town, a delightful 50's style diner with great chowder and burgers.

A cool place with LOTS to look at!

Time for bed...Sparky was all tuckered out from the late flight in and the drive from Bangor to Bar Harbor.....She can't wait to get on a bike in the morning! See you soon!


  1. Love the Bar Harbor area have been there a few times. Enjoy your stay.

  2. Boy those do sound like great deals for a week in Bar Harbor. I was supposed to spend the summer in Maine but David's medical situation changed all that so I'm super envious. I know you'll have a great time. We spent 6 weeks there a summer or so ago and could have stayed months.

  3. Been to Maine, but not as an RVer. It is on our list! Looking forward to the pictures :)