Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 4 in Acadia/Bar Harbor--a Hike!

First off, we highly recommend these little three little pocket books at the Acadia visitors' center or in town bookstores, if it's your first time to Bar Harbor and Acadia....Lots of helpful information, like in the biking pocket book, in July, the marshy areas have a heavy population of horseflies...ugh! Out came the hiking book for today...The hikes are recommended as to the difficulty level...Again, what the author might view as "moderate", might be someone else's "difficult", depending on what shape you are in. We're in decent shape, but Eldy's knees can be a little balky, so we picked the Flying Mountain hike to do....The weather has turned beautiful, although it's still cool, low sixties, perfect for a hike!

A hike on Flying Mountain.....considered "moderate"....Turn off Route 102 onto Fernando Point Road where you see a sign for Causeway Golf Course. About a mile down the road, at the end of Fernald Cove, park at the gated dirt road on the left. There is a very small parking lot there, holds maybe about five cars. The trail starts right up, rising steeply to the treed but open summit in less than .5 of a mile. Flying Mountain is only 284 feet above sea level, but oh, man, what a view!

Terrific views of Somes Sound, the only true fjord in eastern North America. You can retrace your steps at the summit, or continue on the Valley Cove Trail that leads down a small slope to the end of Valley Peak Road on the shore of the cove. Total length:  1 mile. Perfect for first time hiking in a long time!

We were hungry after the hike....Off to try a pizza place...Rosalie's Pizza in town...Freshly made pizza. You place your order at the counter, take your drinks back to your table and wait for the guys to hand toss your pizza. Delicious and highly recommend!

Tomorrow, Sparky rides the carriage roads again.....and sees LOTS more bridges!

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