Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Traveling Back in Time....

Elkhart, IN    High:  92     Low:  74     Heat index:  terrible!

For those of you who think there is nothing in Indiana to really see or do, you couldn't be more wrong and you'd be missing a slice of Americana that is so unique! Indiana isn't all cornfields although it may seem that way. We haven't explored southern Indiana in many many years, but that's a whole 'nuther story. Lots of hills, beautiful scenery, unique towns, old time crafts, wineries...For right now, we're talking the heart of the midwest, the heart of Amish country, when we're talking about things to do and see in Elkhart, IN and Elkhart County....

Today, a trip to Goshen, IN...the county seat of Elkhart County, a place of restored turn of the century buildings downtown, and gorgeous Victorian homes. Lots of hip boutiques, galleries, corner cafes and cool eateries....go off the beaten path a little bit and find heirloom quilts, woodworking shops, country bake shops making homemade bread and from scratch noodles--like the Dutch Country Kitchen.

Home of a vintage 1930's police booth on the courthouse square, built in 1939 to protect the city residents from gangsters who might be traveling along the old Lincoln Transcontinental Highway.

Just outside of town are walking and biking paths--the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail. Sparky is going to get on the trail this week.

Locals love the South Side Soda Shop in Goshen, so we stopped there first. CLOSED on Mondays...Phooey! On to our second choice, 101 year old Olympia Candy Kitchen, the "sweetest little place in town since 1912."  What a cool place!

An old fashioned soda fountain that got very busy after we got there...Tin ceilings and cool vintage light fixtures.
A gal named Linda, was making chocolate and covering peanuts in a kitchen that looked like it was from the thirties! She gave Sparky a free sample. Yum! She really seemed to enjoy her job. You can see why. She's got her hands in chocolate all day long! Sparky would never make it in that job. She'd be licking the chocolate off her fingers all the time and get fired in a heartbeat for doing so!
We ordered phosphates and burgers....

The burgers and fries were delicious! A very efficient and friendly wait staff just topped the experience....
The soda, shake and sundae flavors were awesome! How about a sarsaparilla milkshake?
Loved this place and hope to go back....Got some more interesting Goshen stops to share a little bit later...Bye for now....

Fun facts: diabetes test strips, Bactine, One-a-Day vitamins, and Alka Seltzer got their start at Miles Laboratory founded in Elkhart in 1884. (Miles is no longer operational here.)


  1. I've never been to Goshen, IN but it looks like a nice place to visit and fun things to do there.

  2. Well, we definitely didn't spend enough time in Goshen. Need to go back and try again. There's a great car museum in Auburn - the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum. Even I really enjoyed this one. The cars are amazing.

  3. I am making a list of things to see and do next time we are in Indiana:)

  4. I think you should be hired by chamber of commerces all over the country to come in and promote their area. You find all the great places and make everyone want to go there.

  5. We really enjoy the Elkhart area. Spent about 5 weeks there this spring. Enjoy the pictures and your blog. Travel safe.