Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Fair is FREE! Let's Go!

The Elkhart County Fair is the second largest county fair in the country. It's HUGE!   On Sunday, it's FREE! FREE parking, FREE admission. Everybody and their brother decides to go on the free day, so you better get there EARLY!  We were going to meet up with Eldy's son, Brian, wife Lori, and their kids--Cate and Trevor at the fairgrounds. The lines of cars snaking down the county roads leading to the fair were long and crawling slowly.

We were both coming from different directions, and when we saw the THOUSANDS of cars being parked in the fields, we thought, gee, we'll never find these guys unless we text our exact location and then MAYBE, we'll find each other. So, we parked our car and hopped on the trolley..and who should we see, but Brian, Lori, Cate and Trevor on the trolley! What luck!

Off we went to see and do what the kids wanted to do...First, the chicken barn...The kids have some chickens of their own, and are hoping for some eggs soon, so they are interested in all things chicken. Now Sparky knows NOTHING about chickens, roosters, guineas or anything chicken, but we saw some COOL chickens/roosters/guineas, etc.
How about this one? He (?) was beautiful!
Sparky likes roosters now, for some reason, as a home decor thing...(Luckily, she hasn't started collecting all things rooster, says E.) And how about this cool white turkey?

Sparky is REALLY interested in Nelson's Golden Glow chicken,  which is a fund raiser chicken operation which has sold all over Michiana for YEARS, but she got that later.....

Fairs are animals....This Percheron (?) or Clydesdale REALLY enjoyed getting hosed down from his handler. It was HOT at the fair today.
Cool tractors.....
Cool rides....Cate and Trevor picked this ride on your stomach flying ride.
This ride looked fun, but Sparky doesn't do amusement park rides...maybe a water ride but that would be it. So she just watched everybody else scream and look like they were scared to death...Well, some, anyway....

The grandkids had a ball.....They are up there somewhere on the ride!
The colors....

The foods...deep fat fried everything...Oreos, candy bars, and lots more....Like deep fat fried butter. Frozen honey butter dipped in funnel cake batter, fried and served with powdered sugar, five rounded tablespoons for five bucks...Sound good?

Sparky was a good girl, she had one corn dog and a small piece of Nelson's chicken....Trevor was contemplating something, we're not sure. Maybe what to eat next? Maybe spaghetti ice cream? Frozen strands of frozen yogurt with strawberry sauce and grated white chocolate to resemble spaghetti, parmesan cheese and tomato sauce. No? How about jalapeƱo corn dogs or Fruity Pebbles corn dogs? Right here at the Elkhart County Fair....
AHA! He's got it! He wants some more lemon shake up! Whew! Glad he didn't decide on that other stuff!
And the fair isn't complete without a great band. In this case, the Goshen High School Marching Band. They sounded great!
It was a lot of fun watching the grandkids have fun today on the rides...Love the fair and the foods...There is so much more to be seen, but we didn't have the energy to check out all the 4H exhibits indoors and many more buildings and animal exhibits as it was quite warm outside.

Always great to see family and see our grandkids having fun....We'll see you later!


  1. Sounds like you're back to normal and feeling good.

  2. We love the county fair here in Canton. We are sticking around this year just long enough to attend with my dad.

    Our favorite part of the fair...fair fries....yummy!

  3. Vounty fairs are so much fun, and FREE! Love FREE anything is awesome.

  4. My only problem with this whole thing was the thousands of people. I just can't seem to handle crowds anymore. The fair will be here in Helena this week but we haven't decided if we're going to try it or not. Now if I was with grandkids that might be a whole different story.

  5. Fairs are so much fun. We are going to the Tillamook County fair in a couple weeks. Pig-N-Ford too cool :)

  6. Not much can beat a midwestern county fair. I don't think our fairs ever had FREE parking and free admission. I take it the rides aren't free! :-))