Thursday, July 11, 2013

Driving Through Kentucky.....

We left at 7:30 AM this morning, after a surprisingly good sleep in a busy truck stop. With the AC running and a little black fan that we always run at night for white noise, Sparky never heard a thing and slept like a rock...Eldy, almost as well...

Kentucky is a beautiful state...Sparky loves seeing the old barns in the fields once again, the hilly pastures, the little calves running around as we drive past the fields and farms.....The rig windows need washing, or Sparky would have tried to get some photos as we were driving today...So many different varieties of trees as green as green can be....Makes one glad we are not in a drought area like Texas, or in a wildfire prone area that has been hit. It's as green and lush with all colors of green as far as you can possibly see.......

We crossed over the bridge over the Ohio River and entered IN...Jeffersonville, IN is where Sparky had her second teaching job, in a little three room schoolhouse, that was specifically for the local population of special education students. They kept them separate from the rest of the school population at that time. Sparky remembers many of them were from low income families, and they didn't have much. Sparky remembers that the head teacher of our little group of teachers used to paddle the kids when they didn't behave, and she had to be a witness several times to paddlings. That was quite the experience for a second year teacher. It was very uncomfortable for Sparky to go through that.

We had about 400+ miles to do today...Piece of cake for Eldy after that 752 mile drive the day before...Except for driving through some BAD storms as we approached IN. The temperature dropped from the high eighties to the sixties in a matter of minutes....A VERY refreshing change to us!

And here we are at the Elkhart Campground---YAY!
It's a beautiful campground....Twenty-five acres, wooded, pull through level sites, full hookups, plenty of 50 amp sites, many  have cable, however, the back row of the campground where we are (#743) does not, showers, dump station, mini golf, tennis court, basketball court, meeting hall, and a small pool and playground. Some sites are out in the open with no shade, others are surrounded by wonderful shady trees. Great location, just off the Indiana toll road, easy access to all the RV factories and suppliers, with plenty of shopping nearby. Sparky can't wait to visit all her favorites--Jojo's Pretzels, Lolly's Fabrics, Shipshewanna, Amish country, the Heritage Trail and Quilt Gardens and the flea market, and much, much more.....But first, it's off the the doctor this afternoon to try and get some answers.....

See you later.....


  1. I just wrote a nice long comment and it got lost when I tried to correct a spelling. Ugh! ipad is hard to comment with. Good luck with the doctors. Have you considered lymes disease?

    1. Yes, we are talking about all kinds of things..right now waiting to hear another liver test results before moving forward. Thanks for the tip.

  2. You really did have a long drive today! I love Kentucky - the state of my birth. I do everything I can to avoid the Indiana toll road (as well as the one in Ohio). I like Southern Indiana the best.

  3. You reminded me how much I used to love Kentucky when we would go through there when I was a kid. I loved the white picket fences and horses.

    I think we might have to get up there real soon. I won't ask you about campgrounds because I know you never stop! :)

  4. That is a wonderful area at this time of year. We stayed at the free camping in Wakarusa, Holiday Rambler factory a couple years ago and toured the area for a couple days.

  5. Well today's drive was only about 2.5 times what we ever drive. HA! Wishing you the best of luck at the doctor's. Looks like a good campground to enjoy as your very last one. Do you have any mixed feelings?

  6. Glad to know you arrived safely after two hard days of driving. Looks like a real comfortable campground for your stay. Last one? Did you sell your Phaeton?

    Hope your doctor figures out what's going on with you and that you continue to feel better each day. Sounds like you have plenty to do there to keep busy!

  7. Oh, look at those wonderful trees! We are in Hermosa South Dakota and our campground has NO trees! No one around here has any. I swear when we return to the Ozarks next month - I am gonna hug a tree!