Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where's Eldo and Sparky?

Here's a hint...Here's where Sparky HAS been for the past week and a half..

Here's where Sparky is now.....

ON THE ROAD AGAIN!......On our way to Indiana! We're skipping Red Bay...Since Sparky isn't quite back up to par, we decided to go ahead and skip some of the small stuff we were going to have done by going to Alabama and instead take our rig up to Elkhart, IN, and have some of the work done there. Sparky is going to see her family doctor and get a firmer opinion on what's ailing her and confirmation that she is on the right track to recovery...

She is getting better day by day, so that's a good thing. It's just a little slower going, now that she's older. (Glad I didn't say that! says E.)

We started out on I-75, to I-10. Since we got a late start yesterday, not until Eldy had gotten a balky jack up and stowed, and all our morning errands accomplished did we get going. Actually, after having sat for six months, the slides came in smoothly, the jacks went up except for the one, which Eldy got up with a little lubrication and the engine fired right up. And off we went! We didn't do a crazy drive yesterday, only about 268 miles. We decided to come off the road about 6:00 PM at a VERY nice truck stop at Exit 258, called Madison's Truck Plaza off I-10 W.....That was a GREAT place to fuel up, plenty of long spaces to spend the night and easy in, easy out.
We pulled into a relatively open area which filled up later in the night....

They had a Subway, Wendy's, and a DQ all under one roof for a quick and easy supper. We spent a relatively quiet night, but woke up in the middle of the night because we had chosen NOT to run the generator all night long, so it got to be about 83 degrees in the rig.  Ugh! Too hard and too hot to sleep in that....around 4:00 this morning, we cranked the generator back on and slept for a couple more hours in the AC. That was much better!

Eldy plans on doing about 500-600 miles today....Whewee! That's a long day for him....We're taking the route west through the panhandle, up highway 59, then pick up  I-65 north. Not the shortest route, but Eldy HATES driving through Atlanta....Driving I-10 is a LOT less stressful and has less traffic than I-75, so this is his choice of route today. It worked really well..not much traffic and a very pleasant drive.

It feels great to be back in the rig and on the road....We'll see you later......


  1. Sure hope you are back to feeling Sparky real soon. Glad the motorhome is running so well after sitting and hope this trip is fruitful in every way.

  2. We love travelling too, all the time. Hope your Doc can help you out and you get better soon.

  3. Glad you are feeling better each day Jeannie.

    Safe travels.

  4. I'm sure that Sparky feels better seeing her own family doctor. I hope she continues to feel better each day.

    Wow, now THAT'S a road trip! I'm from Indianapolis and sometimes I really miss the Hoosier State!

  5. That's longer than even I like to drive - long, long, day. But I agree, I love to travel, too. I kind of get into the groove.

    Jeanne, I hope your doc has some good news and that you are back to normal soon. It's hard to be feeling bad for a long time. I used to say, "I'm sick of being sick!" You must feel the same way.

  6. Hope you have a safe and stressless trip up to Indiana and that the doctors there can identify what's going on. Glad to hear you are feeling better but it would be much nicers to know what it was that got you down. Hope everything - storage unit move, rig sale, doctor visits work out well.