Monday, July 15, 2013

A Beautiful Walk and a Surprise

Elkhart, IN        High:  90    Low:   73

After driving around beautiful Elkhart County and seeing the many different quilt garden patterns, we decided to go back and revisit the Elkhart Riverwalk, a paved path that connects seven city parks and follows a big portion of the Elkhart River which flows into the St. Joe River. You can ride a bike for miles along the Riverwalk, or just take a leisurely stroll. There are several excellent restaurants along the way if you chose to stop and eat......McCarthy's, and b on the River.

Bridges, viewing platforms....

And occasionally, live free entertainment! We were heading towards the bridge when we heard some enthusiastic young people and some older gals singing and drumming on balance balls....

They were having a great time with choreographed numbers with dancing, boxing moves, whacking on  exercise balance balls, and clacking their drumsticks. The beat was infectious!
At one point, they played Neil Diamond's "America" and introduced a 90 year old veteran by the name of Joe, whom the leader of the dance/exercise group said was one of the few remaining survivors of Stalag 13. He was an important part of the song....
It was an interesting display of patriotism, coupled with all around spirit and infectious enthusiasm. Raise the Bar Drumline seemed to be some kind of eclectic, philosophical brain/body/balancing exercise involving faith, improving attention and focus for all kinds of physical problems according to the leader of the group with an emphasis on reaching out to youth. Sign Sparky up! (She needs help with attention, sighs E.) Oh, wait...she's not going to be here much longer...till the weekend and then it's time to head for home....

A beautiful afternoon spent in the city of Elkhart, the city with a heart and lots of decorated elk!

Until next time......


  1. What a cool way to beat rhythm. Interesting!

  2. Enjoying your time back home, guess you are feeling much better now.

  3. We enjoyed a stroll on the Elkhart Riverwalk too. Very nicely done.

    What interesting entertainment. How unique.

    I made Paul drive all over the place to get photos of those Elk. There are so many creative decorations.

  4. Elkhart, Indiana - who knew? Even though I'm from Indianapolis I've never been to Elkhart. Looks like I missed a great little town!

  5. I've had no internet signal for days now so I'm out of the loop and will have to go back and see what's happening. Looks like you are having fun in Indiana.