Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thousand Trails Colorado River

Columbus, TX.  High: 66  Low: 40. Site: D-25
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We landed our Pinnacle 5th wheel in Columbus, Texas, and this will be our home for the next three weeks. There's not a lot to do in Columbus, TX, it's a small town, BUT--the painted churches tour is a must see. Since we have already done that, Sparky is posting a link (click on the blue) to our blog about the churches she saw the last time she was here, and a teaser photo at the left for anyone who missed that blog.  Sparky would love to go see them again and might do that just because they are so beautiful. Here is another link, too, to tell you more about them.

Thanksgiving Day was a blessing for us. Sparky is currently about 2 hours from one of her daughters and grandson, so we drove to her area and met for a beautiful buffet dinner at a local golf club. It was delicious! Especially so when Sparky doesn't have to cook a big dinner in a tiny kitchen in an RV!

It will be a quiet 3 weeks here. Sparky is going to babysit her grandson a little bit, we are going to do basic maintenance ourselves on our rig, (interesting stuff like lubricating the slides and jacks, washing windows, trapping Asian lady beetles, etc. haha) and Sparky is going to craft like crazy for the last little push for her shop on Etsy, JeanBeanGifts for the holidays. Yes, we have an invasion of Asian lady beetles. And they stink with their own little whiff just like stink bugs, only not as bad, when you catch them and squish them.  Ugh. Sparky is over the cuteness factor of ladybugs. They are still coming out of the woodwork even though we are in a different location now. Guess they came along for the ride!

We really like Colorado River RV park in the Thousand Trails system. It's in the boonies, true, but it's peaceful and quiet. The park is putting in over 100 brand new RV sites that are supposed to be finished early in January. That will help the park tremendously, to be able to have more 50 amp full hookup sites. They are currently limited in how many sites they have that are 50 amp full hookup. We are in a 30 amp site, which means we have to really be careful what appliances we run at the same time, or we will trip the breaker. The park gives you a sheet of what amps different appliances use, so that is really helpful for any newbies out there. It's surprising how fast amps add up! Here is a quick short list of amp usage on a typical RV:

ONE AC-15,000 BTU:  12.5.   Electric water heater: 12.5   Microwave: 12.8   

electric coffee pot 9.0    toaster: 10   Hair dryer: 10.  TV: 2.    Electric frying pan: 10.  Iron: 10.    

Food processor: 6.      Crockpot: 1.5    Dirt Devil hand vac: 2

If you need to know how many amps something takes, usually the watts are listed on the appliance. Divide the watts by 120 (volts) and that gives you the amps. To get the watts, multiply the amps by 120 (volts).

There are nice walking trails here, one runs all around the edges of the park, and then some that crisscross inside the park. You can ride your bike around on the trails if you have hybrid tires, the trails are a little like dual track mountain bike trails, rough with occasional rocks, so sometimes Sparky walks, and sometimes she rides. 

The deer come into the park every night almost...They feed in the fields in-between the different campground levels and wander around the campground sites sometimes. There are farmlands/ranches around the park, so we have a beautiful view out our back window of the deer grazing at dusk in the hay fields. There are also Texas native pecan trees and you are welcome to gather the nuts if they are falling while you are here!

The Colorado River runs beside the campground, but it's at extremely low levels right now, and there's no danger of any flooding, which has been known to happen in the past. It's not right close to the campsites, you have to walk down below the last campground level down to the boat ramp to see it. Sites are roomy down in the "D" level, but there are no 50 amp sites in this section. We have water, electric and sewer, just our electric is reduced. No problem, it's chilly here. We would definitely need 50 amp if it was summer time, with two AC's in our fifth wheel.

There is an H-E-B grocery store in town and a couple of good local restaurants for a break from cooking. (Sparky likes to take LOTS of cooking breaks, laughs Eldo.)

And with that, we will see you later....Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and got to see their families.....take care!


  1. If you've never seen or heard one, see if the Pileated Woodpeckers are in residence at Stephen F Austin State Park near Sealy. We workamped a winter there, and enjoyed them (they are very, very loud.)

    Last time we were at Columbus TT, we had to avoid that outer trail due to the wild hogs. Perhaps they have moved on. Beautiful park, always enjoyed being there.

    I'm quite sure you MUST know the trick of an inch of water in a bottle with a bit of dawn detergent. Hold it over the bug until it falls in. We once experienced a stink bug invasion in Hershey PA, and learned the trick from one of the locals. Beats smashing them for sure.

    1. Had not heard of that trick! We have so many that I'm just going thru a box of Kleenex often to get them all, haha. We had resident pleateds in our backyard in Florida. they are BIG birds! I really enjoyed them. We'll keep our eyes and ears open...thank you!

  2. Oh ugh Asian lady bugs. Not sure Janice's bottle trick will work if you have more than a few. 3 weeks will feel relaxing. Enjoy - especially your daughter and grandson.

    1. Thank you, Sherry! hope you have a lovely holiday season.

  3. Wow…we were parked right next you for Thanksgiving Day. We were the Class C with the red Spark.

  4. Oh, my gos! Sorry we didn't get to talk to you! Thank you for reading!