Thursday, August 5, 2021

Back to the Beach! Wells, Maine

Thousand Trails, Moody Beach, Wells, Maine.  High: 76  Low: 55
Site: 309

Well, we are back in Wells...Maine, that is...We are working our park membership so that we don't have to pay expensive campsite prices! Three weeks here for free (well, 8.00 a night unofficially with membership dues) but it's no additional money out of pocket. We love that. When you think about paying 79.00 a night here in this park if you are NOT a member, in coastal Maine this close to beaches and cute towns, you can easily pay your dues in that one three week stay here. We scored a corner site in the new section which is out in the open, but very easy back in and very nice level gravel sites. Because the temperatures are really nice in the seventies, we don't mind being out in the open exposed as opposed to angling back in the woods and dodging trees and stumps in the forest section. The park facilities are excellent. Beautiful new showers and restrooms, a nice pool, nice laundry room. The staff is super friendly and helpful. 

Sparky loves the beach walks every mile to the beach from the RV park, a mile or two at the beach, then back for the return mile. The beach is different every day...Always something new washing up....this time it was a trail of little pearly bi-valve seashells, the shells were all closed. If anyone knows what these are, Sparky would love to know. They were a beautiful! The trail extended for a mile along the beach, forming a wavy line. 

You can see this beautiful lady on your walk if you do the Moody Beach walk.  Both ladies--the house and the weather vane (the pointing lady holding a flag) are gorgeous. Can't figure out if this is a house carved into a bunch of rental units or a single family dwelling, but the beach is lined with these HUGE houses. This house has the best and most unusual weather vane. Sorry about the smallness of her, Sparky needs to bring her bigger camera on her beach walks.

Sparky loves looking at everything! Footprints especially. Is this one coming or going? Looks like he skidded in for a landing!

It's amazing all the people who walk the beach in a day. But because the beach is so huge when the tide is out, you don't see all the people as they walk all different times of the day so you don't see the crowd that made all these footprints!
It's fun to see what families make in the sand. Glad sandcastles are still being made at the beach! This one is pretty cool and ambitious!

Sparky can't figure out the lifeguard schedule. Sometimes they are there, sometimes at the same time of day, they are not. Is this guy looking at his phone???? Hope not! Granted, some days there is no one in the water, but today there were quite a few brave ones, with the temperature of the water at a brisk 64 degrees! You can't see the people swimming here, but they are out there.
It was a beautiful day to be out walking, that's for sure...can't beat these Maine August temperatures. When the rest of the country is sweltering, here we are in Maine with seventies USUALLY during the day, fifties and sixties at night. Love it! 

Not much else going on right now...we are going to enjoy our stay here and avoid traffic on Highway 1 right outside the park as much as possible. Sparky will ride the Eastern Greenway Trail for a few miles on her bike to keep the chains from rusting. We will revisit some of our favorite places to eat--Hobb's Harborside, The Maine Diner, The Omelette Factory, and just enjoy the wonderful weather for the next couple of weeks. Unless something exciting happens, you might not hear from us for a little bit. RVing is not ALWAYS the latest tourist attraction or restaurant meal, but meeting new friends, relaxing and enjoying the different locations we find ourselves in. Sometimes it's the mountains and hiking trails, sometimes it's the beach or the forest. Sometimes it's just a quiet park with lovely nature to view and cherish. Sometimes it's visiting family all over the country! We love this lifestyle and hope we can do it for a long time. We will see you next time!


  1. The white shells look like baby clams to me. The weather vane is pretty. That could be a whole new hobby.....taking pictures of the very varied New England weather vanes. Enjoy relaxing by the sea.

  2. I can sure understand how you are glad to be back at the beach. I think Muriel's idea of collecting pictures of New England weather veins is a great one. I had to click on the picture and blow it up in order to see the weather vane. It's definitely a good one. But I didn't see the sand castle that you talked about. Was there supposed to be a picture there?

    1. oops! Forgot to put it in..will have to go back and see if I kept the photo. Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. Enjoy the beach too bad we are not hanging out together we will meet up sometime and somewhere in the next few months. Take care George & Lynn

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