Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sun 'n' Fun, One of Our Favorite Places!

It is so great to be back at Sun 'n' Fun! We stayed 8 months last time, until we were ready to buy a house in Sarasota. We loved it so much. It's a first class resort with tons of amenities. Beautiful humongous pool, first class workout facilities, all kinds of classes in the winter months, weekly live music, bar and restaurant poolside, etc., etc. It's a little heavy on the park models, and we keep saying, eventually, it will be mostly park models, we think.

We have a pull thru site...gravel parking lot, narrow paved curving road leading to our site, but we got in just fine in our big rig and truck. Sites are VERY close to each other. Passport America current rate is 43.00 a night...that changes according to the time of year, of course.We are in the middle of summer, almost August, and it's HOT. 90's every day...sigh...but--there's this....That structure in the upper left corner is a climbing wall. Sparky wants to climb it. Eldo says she's too old. Sounds like a challenge!
And here's a poolside bar.....(there's a restaurant on the same side and a walk up window where you can order food.) Social distancing says you can't sit at the bar, but you can carry your drink to one of the spaced out sets of tables and chairs.
There's a water slide...Sparky might do that....(Hmmmmm...says Eldo, maybe that one's ok....)
The park is for families, of course, and Sparky is so happy to see young children riding their bikes around, and squealing with laughter and having a great time with their families. She's missed that environment. 

Eldo keeps reminding her that we are here to clear out the storage shed, but we've already extended our stay, because 1.) it's too hot to rush moving boxes and unpacking, 2.) we have to take things a little more easy with our age . we go....Time to relax in the evening! The pool is heavily chlorinated. (Gee, I wonder why?)  Bring your goggles! Sparky has to find hers!

This really is a jewel of an RV park and
a wonderful place to start our travels...We are going to the Dodge dealer this week to find out more information about our truck, and every day will be sorting, unpacking and moving....sigh.....good exercise! Keep your chin up, Sparky! You can do it! Minimalism is good! 

Bye for now....this is the life.....This is what we were hoping to be able to do once again, and here we are, "on the road again..."


  1. How did Eldo do with the whole hitching up/unhitching/getting level thing? I remember our first time, in Hershey, PA. Scary!

    1. It was VERY scary! We still need lots of practice! And we had to do it in the rain our first time! ugh!

  2. Wishing you all the best as you sort things out and get back "On the Road Again". Looking forward to reading about your new adventures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you! We are very excited to be "on the road again".....

  3. [From Craig but blogger wants this to be from Merikay] Merikay was being so frustrated with the current Blogger that she was considering not blogging at all! Then I came up with the suggestion that she use Firefox for, rather than Safari. Now I am a hero and she remains a blogger. Try it, you will almost certainly see an improvement.