Wednesday, July 22, 2020

On the Road Again!!!!!

Wha-a-a-a-a-t??? Sparky and Eldo are going back out on the road again???  In WHAT? :-).  Well it's a long story, but here it is...We've been dying in the Florida summer heat for the past few years now. Just like everywhere else, it's getting hotter and hotter. The almost daily afternoon rain/cooling off pattern has not been happening. So, we decided if we could do it and could sell our house, we would get back out on the road.

The process was a long one. We put our house on the market last January, and had our first offer come in shortly thereafter. It fell through. We cleaned and cleaned and waited for more buyers. They came--all the way through the pandemic. Another offer came in, right as the pandemic was getting started. The deal fell through with a buyer from New York whose business was now in jeopardy from the pandemic. He balked and walked  Interest was still very high, and all during that time, we were looking for the right RV. We started with fifth wheels and moved over to motorhomes, then back to fifth wheels. We decided that a fifth wheel, although more difficult to park and unhook, was the right way to go as the main part of the whole trailer component-the truck- was easier to take to a dealership for problems than having to sit in a motorhome in a repair place for days at a time and maybe having to sit in a hotel which would be worse.

June 25th...the house sells! That was an interesting story in itself. Buyers were checking out our backyard and lanai while we were home. They thought we were gone. Sparky went out and said, "May I help you? Did you lose a golf ball?" and we started talking. It turns out they had made an offer and were waiting to hear back from us! Sparky added, while talking, "Hey, we even threw in the furniture!" Well that sealed the deal!  They accepted!

It's crunch time and time to make a decision. After many trips back and forth to different dealers, we fell in love with a packaged deal of a fifth wheel AND the truck, all together. And here it is! A 2019 Pinnacle 36 foot FTBS...about 40 feet, and a Dodge Ram Longhorn Laramie dually. It will tow ANYTHING! They are even color coordinated with each other!
The inside is quite dark but Sparky plans on adding some lively pillows and throws to brighten things up a bit. It has a "fireplace" /space heater that looks very realistic! There is even a large, walk in cedar lined closet!
Where are we going first, you ask? We don't know yet! We still have a storage shed unit in Bradenton that we have to get rid of, and Sparky is a little worried that more crafts are going to have to be donated to Goodwill... But we  WILL be headed north for sure. There is a tropical storm developing and it's that "H" season, ya know, so north is good. We'll keep you posted! Stay tuned for a thorough review of the Pinnacle as we get living in it full time. Sparky says, the storage is very funky in it! (Geesh! we just got it and already she's complaining, says Eldo.)

It's good to be back on the road again......bye for now.....


  1. Looking forward to your upcoming adventures.
    No RV is perfect but you will soon make it work for you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time

  2. I'm so excited for you! You'll love living in a fifth-wheel, a condo on wheels we used to say. If you ever come west, we'd love to see you guys again!

  3. Have fun. Nothing like being on the road. Be safe.

  4. Yay! On the road again! It's good to have you back, maybe we'll cross paths again sometime.