Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sparky's Texas Visit

It was fast, WAY too fast....just for the weekend....

Sparky flew in...Sparky flew out, but what a time she had with her little grandson!

He's grown so fast....He's a little over two now and can he talk!

"Grandma? GRANDMA! WHERE ARE YOU?" and he came running down the hall to find her. That made Sparky very happy. She thought it would take him almost the whole two days to warm up to her, but it didn't take long at all. We quickly got into the business of playing...and being silly....

He's a typical boy...all about cars and trucks. He identified each car and truck by make and model AND color as he showed Grandma his collection. "This is Honda Civic.  Daddy's car is silver Honda. John Deere  tractor. Garbage truck. This is green car. Barron's blue car. This car goes fast. This car goes slow."  Then he'd demonstrate how slow or how fast.

He can count to 20 and not miss a number!  One to one correspondence (touching each object and counting them correctly) now that's another story---not quite there yet.

What's amazing to Sparky is how much he loves books and looks at them intently by the hour and pretends to read them....And of course, if they are about trucks, all the better!

Sparky made a little photo story book with photos of Barron on each page and a little caption about him. "Barron likes to go to the park with his mommy."  "Who came to visit Barron? Aunt Kelly." "Barron's favorite meal is Chicken Nuggets from McDonald's." And, "Barron likes to get wet at the water park." The last page had this....A photo of Barron asleep in his car seat and the caption, "Uh-oh! Barron is tired. He fell asleep. He's had a busy day. See you later!" Grandma read it to him ONE time, and just a little while later, he was "reading" his little book and parroting back what it said on each page! We heard a little "Uh-oh! Barron tired." There were 15 pages in the little book! Not only that, but from a very specific photo of JUST his car seat, he said that the car seat was in Daddy's silver car, which was correct! He's got an amazing memory, that little guy!

We had a lot of fun...We went to the playground....

Grandma got to babysit....Grandma got to wrestle....Grandma got tired, and so did Barron!

Sparky had a WONDERFUL visit with her daughter and little grandson....It went by way too fast...
Hard to say goodbye to this adorable little guy....
Sparky is saving up for the next trip and hopes to come back soon, she's missing too much! Kerry says that he is now sounding out words! They were at the grocery store, went past the beer aisle and Barron says, "B-b-b-beer. That's Dadda's." Oh, what comes out of the mouths of little babes...... And, he's doing BLENDS! " Bl-bl-bl-black. That's black." Smart kid, that one!

Until next time.....


  1. So much fun they are at the age, so nice that you got to spend some time with him.

  2. He is getting big! Smart little guy, I bet his mom spends a lot of time with him reading :)

  3. What a great post. Fabulous pictures of Barron and Kerry looks wonderful. What a pretty girl, what a darling grandson. I can hear what a wonderful time you had. Keep your eye on some of the discount air websites. I'd think you could go from Tampa to TX RT for pretty cheap. Next time stay a whole lot longer.