Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Off to see lots of little kids today….a parade in Venice where TONS of kids participated in a short parade walk and then trick or treated on Main Street in Venice…Here's Sparky' favorite costume from the parade, "Little Big Bird"…and her mama was dressed as Mama Chick…
Then we hurried over to St. Armand's Circle in Sarasota….There was supposed to be a "Thriller" dance put on by Sarasota High School…we didn't know when it started so we waited and waited and waited…In the meantime, we checked out the costumes all the way around…kids AND grownups…
This little guy was dressed like a blues brother and his twin, the same way. The twin made a getaway before Sparky could capture the two of them together. Of course, the sunglasses wouldn't stay on no matter what, the little guy kept taking them off, but he was still adorable!
The merchants on the circle got into the act….The kids trick and treated the stores on the circle….
This little gal was walking along with her mom, grabbing her throat and gasping like she was dying…
She was a natural at acting…her mom said she had no idea what she was pretending to be….But she was fine….

The Greek style statues on the circle were all decked out in their Halloween finery….
This one has a somewhat bemused expression, like, "Well, if you insist, I suppose I must wear it."
After waiting about two hours, we learned that the Thriller dance was not for another hour and a half, so we decided to leave, we'll return next year, IN COSTUME…(Oh, geez…I can see it now…she wants me to be Thing 2 with her Thing 1, sighs E.) We're going in COSTUME next year and make our presence known! laughs Sparky…(She gets more gutsy every year, E. sighs again. At least maybe I'll have a mask so nobody will know me.) Heck, nobody knows us now!

Lots of Halloween spirit in this town tonight…It was FUN! No trick or treaters in our neighborhood, it's kind of an old neighborhood, so that's why we headed out. Hope you had fun in YOUR neighborhood! See you later…...


  1. Heh, heh, heh…yep! There's so much stuff going on here this weekend, it's amazing! Taste of Manatee, a pirate extravaganza, some really great music…it's terrific!

  2. Not much was happening for Halloween here. It was raining so we hung out around at home. I'm now that summer is over things are happening down your way again. I know summer time in Florida can be kind of long...

  3. Fun to see Halloween happenings. We are almost all alone in our campground--no trick or treaters here! I miss the hoopla.

  4. it seems as though you are truly going to enjoy your new "goings on" in the vicinity. . .I loved the cowboy with the horse. . .really great!

  5. Great costumes-not sure I would have been happy in a suit and tie at that age:)