Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back to Cadillac

Bar Harbor, Maine  Mount Desert Narrows Campground    High: 77   Low: 58

one view or stopping point on the way up the mountain
You can't come to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park without hearing about the marvelous sunrises and sunsets at Cadillac Mountain, the highest mountain on Mount Desert Island, at 1,532 feet high. Well, if you've been following us, by now you know that Eldo is the early riser, and Sparky is the sleeper-in of the duo. She doesn't get up unless 1) there's a fire, 2) she's hungry, or 3) there just better be a darn good reason for getting up or somebody waking her up before she's ready to get up.

From October 7th thru March 6th, Cadillac Mountain is one of the first places in the continental U.S. to experience the sunrise. It's also one of over 20 mountains on Mount Desert Island. There might be another view on one of those, but Cadillac is the highest! So tonight, Sparky voted to head back to Cadillac Mountain with her better half, Eldy--this time the weather was great!

View of the Porcupine Islands
People come prepared to sit awhile and admire the majestic views....They bring lawn chairs, they bring pizza, they bring lots of stuff! We just brought ourselves.....

There are some awesome plants such as sub-alpine little plants that are in danger of being trampled on by the hordes that come to experience the sunrises and sunsets, but the park tries to preserve and maintain some areas with roped off boundaries. There's some tremendous diversity here just in this little rock with all the lichens and little plants. I just love all the colors Mother Nature has "painted" this rock.

We struck gold---as in beautiful reddish golden skies, wonderful weather, very few clouds and the crowds weren't too bad.

There's plenty of parking at and near the top of the mountain.  As you drive to the summit, there are several pull out viewing areas where you can stop to get photos as you make your way to the top. There are beautiful flowers growing even at this elevation.

Views of Acadia National Park from the top of Cadillac Mountain are spectacular!
Another shot of the Porcupine Islands
Don't miss Cadillac Mountain if you come to Acadia National Park!


  1. ahhh. . .now that's the view I remember. . .ummmm. . .not the sunrise of course. . .I'm a sleeper inner also. . .sunsets more my thing. ..LOL!

    Gorgeous. . .glad you made the sacrifice!

  2. We only got to see Cadillac Mountain on a cruise day, and oh so wish we could get back to Acadia for a much longer visit. The more I read your blog about it the more I want to get there!

  3. I'm not a morning person either...but for that I'd set the alarm!

  4. Beautiful photo of the sunset and the painted rock. There is so much diversity in this country, it is just amazing. The view from the top is gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful beautiful pictures Jeannie! So what time DOES the sun rise there over Cadillac?? If I don't have to get up before 6am in order to be there, I'm in. Sunrise here isn't until nearly 7:00 and it's only mid summer what in the world time will it be by October?? But I just looked up Bar Harbor and sunrise tomorrow is FIVE TWENTY FOUR AM. Ok count me out too. :-))

  6. What a great view!

    Karen and Steve
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