Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Love Those Indiana Small Towns!

We had some errands to run in Goshen, IN today so off we went. Goshen is about 15 minutes from where we are currently staying. Goshen is a very pretty small town of about 34,000. The downtown is lovely. 

We stopped at a wonderful shoe store, called Woldruff's for Eldy to get some new slip ons. They had an amazing selection of some of the finest shoe brands. If you wanted to shop local and get a good shoe, this is the place to go. Eldy got a nice pair of Skechers slip ons. He absolutely loves them! Super cushy.

Right across the street is Jojo's Pretzels, one of the best known places that locals love, for freshly made pretzels. The whole store is Coke themed, so of course, Sparky LOVES that shop! (She drinks a Coke for breakfast every single morning, explains Eldo.) There are LOTS of wonderful small stores to shop local for clothing, shoes, a True Value hardware store right there, and several wonderful restaurants we hope to try. One is called Biebs & Ash, which gets great reviews and supposedly has a terrific burger.

We had sour cream and onion dusted pretzels with great lemonade. We sat outside at little tables provided by the shop and it was a gorgeous spring day, sunny with a little breeze. Goshen is a college town too, so it's great to see that students shop downtown here as well. There are several remarkable independent stores to shop at, such as Found, an antique store in historic Goshen. And of course, there are also several big, beautiful churches.

Downtown Goshen has some beautiful architecture in their building facades. Several of the buildings are dated in the 1800's. The brick building to the right is dated 1878.

love this facade!

They have multiple art installations all over the downtown area. Sparky loved this one, called "Raindance" by Sunday Mahaja. Here is a closeup of the head....So cool!

And a view from farther away.....
There was an alleyway full of art works--appropriately titled "Art Alley".
It had chalk art and panels displayed.
Just a wonderful small town vibe, clean and beautiful, and not to be missed if you are in the area....There are also several parks, two of the more notable ones are Fiddler Pond Park and Oxbow County Park, with some great walking trails. Don't forget to visit the Olympia Candy Kitchen store, too! An original candy counter dating back to 1912, a soda fountain and lots of sweet confections to choose from, make this a must top if you have a sweet tooth!
sculptures around town

                 We love visiting Goshen! Don't miss it!


  1. You missed the Olympia Candy Kitchen. Cream cheese and olive sandwich, burgers, fries, real cherry coke and home made candy

    1. Jan
      Haven’t missed it. Just haven’t gone back there yet! But will add it to the list and revise the blog. Thank you!

  2. I love that so many small towns are using their blank walls as art galleries. It gives them a beautiful way to set themselves apart from all the other little towns in America. Fun to see.