Friday, March 4, 2022

Eldo on the Move

Traveling days....High: 76, low 41.

We left Tucson with sad hearts, as we had really grown to love the area  in the short time we were there and the amazing scenery. We decided that next year we will splurge and stay THREE WHOLE months, figuring on saving on crazy high diesel fuel costs by staying put for awhile, not eating out so much, (HA! That will be the day, laughs Eldo) and wherever else we can trim the budget, we will. To stay at a beautiful resort with classes, amenities, and a restaurant on site will run you about 900 on up for a month. There are cheaper ones out there that are more like staying in a parking lot and don't have trees, plus they crowd you in closer together.

We left Monday from Tucson, traveling about 260-280 miles per day to drive through the western part of Texas on I-10 heading towards Texas. Our first one night stop was in Las Cruces, New Mexico. There is a dearth of decent campgrounds around certain parts of I-10, heading east, so we picked the Las Cruces KOA park. They only had a couple of sites left when we called on the road, and ended up paying about 80.00 for a deluxe site with a chimnea and a beautiful patio. 

We had a campfire that night, the first one in MONTHS as it is very dry in the southwest, and campfires have been prohibited at most campgrounds unless you have a propane fire pit. It was worth it! And we got to see a beautiful southwestern sky sunset. It was spectacular! (no filters, no editing, this is what we saw. WOWZA!)

The only part we didn't like about the KOA was that they expected you to back onto two sections of concrete pads getting your tires lined up on them. Not sure why, the rest of the site was all gravel. Why not make the whole site just plain gravel? It would be a LOT easier to back in. Restricting the rig to all four wheels on the cement was a lot harder angling in, but we managed to make it work.

As we traveled through New Mexico and towards El Paso, we continued to see the beautiful concrete work that these states use, and it really makes traveling a little more pleasurable to see it.

Sparky really enjoyed seeing the amazing colors they use, and the beautiful motifs reflecting the culture and geography of the area.

The next day we left and continued east. Our next stop was Fort Stockton, TX for one night, Fort Stockton RV Park, not to be confused with Fort Stockton RV RESORT park. It was a nice park, a no frills park, and reasonably priced at 36.00. The facilities were older, but the sites were level gravel, and it was perfect for an overnight stay. And here's a cautionary tale from the park brochure....They are not kidding. It's very windy in a LOT of places in Texas!

Oakwood corner lot site 41
By this time, as you have noticed, we were in Texas. Our next stop was Fredericksburg, TX, a German inspired town with a great little shopping center downtown, with many wineries nearby, (39 on the Texas wine trail). The park was called Oakwood RV Resort. Oakwood was beautiful, 54.00 a night with a Good Sam's camping discount. Lots of trees in the park, but not interfering with parking a big rig. We scored a corner lot that was the biggest corner lot we have ever stayed in. It also had a glider and a deluxe fire pit. The new managers were super nice and welcoming. We loved our stay there. We think the Fredericksburg area is worth spending a little more time there next time.


The pool was the BIGGEST pool Sparky had ever seen. It was big enough to get lots of good laps in. (Sparky used to be a competitive swimmer way back when.) She was going to go swimming, but the water was FRIGID, so no dice. Now Sparky is not a wimp, she likes cool water. BUT--It was not heated, so if you are a polar bear, you would like it! (It had been in the 40's at night for several nights, so that's why it was so cold.) 

We had gotten up, packed up and hitched up three straight days in a row, so we decided to spend TWO nights in Fredericksburg to give Eldo a driving break. And no, Sparky REALLY does not like to drive the rig, so she's got to take good care of her driver. He needs a break? Sparky needs a break, too. Time to quickly check out the area, and take a little walk the next day at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park, a

BIG park of about 320 acres which had a little nature trail, little--like one mile, but hey, Sparky has got to keep moving and stay in shape for hiking in Arizona next year. Gonna be hard to do to stay hiking fit heading back to the midwest, but she will do her best! It was not a pretty park at all,  but these are the winter months in Texas, and everything is brown and dry. There was a cool "Fairy House" at the park, though.

We had really nice neighbors at Oakwood. Meet Billy....

And his buddies....There was another goat who had really sharp, narrowly spaced horns, not pictured here. Sparky made the mistake of sticking her hand thru the fence to scratch his head between his ears and horns, and almost got her hand stuck between his horns and the fence as he vigorously shook his head! Guess he didn't like that! Sparky didn't like that, either!

Site E #80

We reached our destination for this week, Colorado River Thousand Trails Park in Columbus, TX. This park is out in the boonies, away from any major towns, but we like it very much. There are herds of deer that feed in the meadows and walk around the campsites all the time.There is a brand new section of 100 ample, large level sites with full hookups, but they are charging an additional 10.00 a night to stay in this pretty section on top of your camping membership. As there were no full hookup sites available in the old section, which would have been a free stay, we decided to take a corner lot in the new one. 

The Colorado River does run through this park, but it's a mere shadow of itself, barely a creek right now. We will be here for three nights, then head for three weeks to Lake Conroe, TX on Monday. 

We are having slide problems, one of the slides will go out ok, but not come in all the way, or stop part way, so we will use our time at Lake Conroe to try and troubleshoot that with a mobile tech. We will see you in Lake Conroe, TX, next time.  Bye for now!


  1. Love Lake Conroe. We also stayed in Cut N Shoot, a great rv park.

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  3. Let me know when you land in Lake Conroe. I will drive over for lunch one day. EMail is

  4. One of the reasons, among many, that I haven't come west without David is I-10 horror stories and Texas wind horror stories but I'd love to know the place you've picked to winter for 3 months in AZ for next year. I take it you cannot use your 1000 Trails for that, or can you?

    1. The place in Tucson is Voyager RV Park, and no, it's not a Thousand Trails park. But we figure staying put for three months will save on diesel and I can hike and bike all kinds of places. Texas DOES have wind, but so far, it's not bothering us. Depends where you stay in Texas, tool. I-10 has not been a problem, but again, timing is everything and the luck of the draw as far as problems might go.