Thursday, January 7, 2021

You Never Know Who or What You Will Meet on a Trail....

Colorado River Thousand Trails   High: 63   Low: 42   Site: A24

We've been here four days at Thousand Trails Colorado River, and we love it! 

The park is one of the smaller ones in the Thousand Trails system, 138 sites, located in the small town of Columbus, TX. It is located midway between Houston and San Antonio and is open year round. It also lies along the Colorado River. We like it for a number of reasons....

It is very quiet, it doesn't have the atmosphere of larger Thousand Trails parks that have tons of sites close together, activities, noise, and bad interior roads. Many of the Thousand Trails parks cater to the annual or seasonal rentals, leaving less sites available to people who just want to stay two to three weeks. This park seems to have enough room for people passing through, and the sites are spacious enough that you aren't right on top of your neighbor. There are lots of big oaks and pecan trees, but they are around the sites, not in them and do not cause a problem. We are here for three weeks and plan to let you know what there is to do for activities in this area in the days to come. So stay tuned to the blog if you are interested! Columbus is a VERY small town but there are some cool things in the area...a painted churches tour, for one, that Sparky plans on checking out.

There is a herd of deer that come in the mornings and the evenings, and people leave them alone and haven't fed them so they are not an annoyance but a beautiful reminder of nature to enjoy. People walk by or drive by the herd, and the deer are aware and watching, but they continue to feed. We've seen a big six point buck out our back window just passing through.

We have a wonderful site that was assigned to us. It has a nice large concrete patio. We think it's for an annual or seasonal rental, as the other sites in other parts of the park are just gravel and grass. But no complaints here!

There is a small outdoor pool, laundry, one pickle ball court (yay!) mini golf and an indoor hot tub. The facilities are dated, but kept clean and functional. The literature says they have a golf cart theater (!), but that's gone by the wayside for now. Sparky's favorite part of the park? The beautiful nature trail that winds all around the park with some extensions and loops that can easily give you a nice two miles plus walk if you like to do that. Sparky was out walking yesterday, and rounded the bend, and saw this:
BISON POOP! Well, there IS a ranch across the park that has a herd of bison. Maybe one of them got loose????  Sparky continued on with her walk. More poop, bigger piles...Can it be?????  All of a sudden, Sparky rounds the bend and comes across......Four bovine...COWS! She let out a little OMG as she was so startled, and they took off running like a bat out of hell. (They are bogeying bovine in this photo...BIG time!) haha...
Sorry for the bad photo, she didn't have time to raise to raise her phone camera up and then get TWO MORE, running across in front of her that were late to the party! Off they ran into the brush. Sparky thinks the neighboring ranch property might not have a fence that is intact as there have been MULTIPLE footprints and big poop the last two days on this section of the trail. OR, these are free range cattle and they go wherever the fancy strikes them. You just never expect to see cattle on a walking trail, that's for sure!

Well, that's it for's a wrap....and it's time to say good nite to the deer and you guys, too....Bye for now....


  1. We love watching the deer in our backyard! They mostly come since they eat our bird feed seed:))

  2. Looks like a perfect place to stay, between Houston & San Antonio. We loved that area. Hope you don't get any of that snow they're predicting!

  3. Glad you found a park you really like. staying in one place three or four weeks really does give you a chance to check it all out.

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