Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Yes, We are Still Here, Alive and Kicking!'s been awhile....and it's been a whirlwind of lots going and friends visiting, Sparky subbing a LOT, a side trip to Virginia for Sparky to see her daughter, Eldy's family visiting, Sparky biking a LOT and taking a ton of nature photos, AND....Sparky has been crafting for Etsy...Sparky is developing yet another craft interest (die cutting cards) and so on and so on...So-o-o-o-o....first things first...a trip to Virginia.
Sparky and Sparky, Jr.

Artwork in the brewery
Sparky has volunteered to be the Family Readiness Group Leader for her daughter's unit...this means someone needs to be available for soldiers' families when troops are deployed, to provide assistance of all sorts to wade through problems that arise when the soldier is on active duty...Sort of a friendly face for the unit that can help solve problems when things get complicated, provide resources and coordinate solutions for the family unit. Sending emails, helping coordinate family activities for the unit and sending out newsletters is all part of the job. So off to Virginia to attend some training, and have some wonderful mother/daughter time...Much needed!  After training, we went to a couple of great breweries....Strangeways Brewery in Richmond, was one...just the coolest brewery ever! It had the coolest stuff on the wall and in the brewery, and Kelly, the beer afficicionado in our family, after trying a couple of flights, pronounced this was an excellent craft brewery! (Sparky does not drink beer, she is starting to think she is missing out on something. But after trying a very weird beer that was salted caramel, she still says, "No thanks!" Salted caramel ice cream, YES PLEASE!)
On the Appomattox Trail
We hiked on small trails nearby and visited the Edgar Allen Poe Museum as well...It was VERY interesting and we highly recommend it. Lots of interesting theories about how he died...What a tragic life he led! It was a gray, cold day, but the grounds were beautiful and the museum was a tight connection of little rooms and stairwells with exhibits and displays of artifacts about his life. Here is a link for more information about it....

Richmond is a beautiful city...It has very old parts that have deteriorated, and new, vibrant businesses going up along with new downtown living spaces....Sparky would love to go back and revisit some day....Very cool murals throughout the city....

Because so much is going on....Sparky will be blogging more this week...she is off school for spring break and has a little time (HA!) to catch up. We are sure you've been wondering what the heck happened to us? Yes?  Maybe?.....Well...Sparky needs to catch up anyway and to preserve some memories...blogging seems to be more like a modern day diary these days. We're happy if you are still reading, and certainly understand if you are not. We are still enjoying everybody's travels through blogs and reading about where all of you are....Thanks for stopping by!

                                                               Sparky and Eldo


  1. Glad to see a little bit of your diary :) We're all so busy!

  2. That's nice of you to volunteer to be the group leader for the soldiers families when they deploy. That is an important job.

    I haven't been blogging much either. We hadn't been doing anything fun and like you we've been pretty busy. I agree though, it's a good way to document things in your life. Hope to see you around the blogosphere more.

  3. Such fabulous pictures of you and your daughter. How wonderful to have such a great relationship. Sounds like you've taken on a very big job in support of your daughter's group. So glad you are able to do it.