Monday, February 23, 2015

A Little of This, A Little of That....

A collage from Sparky's last couple of bike rides through Lakewood Ranch, a total of 15 miles there and back to home in Bradenton....

A kayaking trip here and there.....Sparky went kayaking off Caspersen Beach. Lunch break on Caspersen beach down in Venice...People watching, HOLY MOLEY! Look what came walking down the beach! This was the SECOND thong in a very short period of time. And both guys appeared OLD, their thongs barely covering their private parts in front....Yuck...

Subbing here and there....Sparky is mixing things up at her favorite school...Sometimes subbing in special education classes, sometimes subbing in kindergarten, then up to fifth grade...Holy cow! Kindergarten--THAT is one of the most difficult assignments to take on...But Sparky LOVES little kids!

Quirky art on the street in downtown Sarasota.....

An exotic car show....

Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari,  Astin Martin,  Bentley, Maclaren, the Noble (hunh?) That was one of the cars there...Never heard of it... the 2004 Noble.

Average price? $245,000 on up...Whew!
Wow! These cars are cool!
Eldy thinks he likes the Maclaren the best....
Sparky likes the orange one....
It was a beautiful day for a car show....that's for sure! After two days of VERY cold temperatures (34 degrees one  morning, low fifties for the high that same day) for Sarasota, it's warmed back up again quickly.

What's coming up?  In the first week of March, Sparky is doing an arts and craft show, then she will be heading to Houston the week after that to see her daughter and little grandson, 2 1/2 years old...can't wait! And who knows what else? Sparky still wants to hike the Deep Hole at Myakka.... stay tuned...


  1. You have been busy, love the cars, and the bicycle, the thong = NOT. Maybe the younger people?
    Enjoy your visit and craft show in Houston!

  2. Didn't know that there were semi nude beaches there :) My eyes, my eyes!!

  3. Good grief on the thong guys. Maybe the men were from Europe. I can imagine everyone staring at them. Glad to hear you will be going to Houston. I know you enjoy those times so much. Good to go there before the summer sets in that's for sure.

  4. What in the world are those guys thinking? A screw must be loose someplace:)

  5. hooray for the thong guys- they were obviously having more fun than you...

  6. It's one thing to be taking discrete people of other people minding their own business, but then to also publish the photo on the internet and make snide remarks about their appearance? You people must have a hard life being so perfect.

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