Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We're Still Here!

Sparky's been subbing quite a bit lately…and having fun…She subbed FIVE straight days last week in third grade. Whew! (And we had to eat out every night because she was too tired to cook! explains E. Thank goodness for .99 cent tacos at Poblano's Mexican Grill and 5.00 burgers at Gecko's-- both in Bradenton-- among other things….)

One day last week was Career Day at Sparky's favorite school in Sarasota…They had a stand up paddle board guy who owned his own company and who had some marvelous things to say about stand up paddle boarding in the Sarasota area…Sparky is going to look him up! They had a veterinarian, Dr. Nina. She had the kids enthralled with her talk until about 1/2 way through her spiel, when she started passing around her little specimen jars of ringworms, round worms, dog teeth and an eyeball that she had to remove from a doggie client awhile back. Well, that was the end of that…The kids lost it on the eyeball and she had a hard time getting them back to paying attention. Sparky was so grossed out, she wouldn't even look at the eyeball and told the kids to keep on passing everything by her. She's a wimp when it comes to stuff like that. Heck, she couldn't even pull out her kids' baby teeth when they were loose, the babysitter had to do that!

Later, Sparky was eating lunch with the kids outside on the "Oak Deck" as it's officially called, a treat for classes now and then, and talking to the kids, asked, "What was your favorite career today that you learned about?" One little girl enthusiastically answered, "Oh, I liked the vegetarian the best!" :-)

Sparky had company for a couple of days, her best friend, Jeannie, came to town to visit. Jeannie has been Sparky's friend for over 35 years…She even likes blue cheese as much as Sparky does! We have tons in common and have been fast friends all these years. Even though we don't get to see each other much, we chat on the phone and stay in touch often, so it was wonderful that she was able to come down for a visit. Especially since she had a heart attack last year. Time together in person is a special treat! Jeannie is doing very well, Sparky is happy to report….The weather was VERY cool, cloudy and the threat of rain constant. Phooey! We went to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, one of Sparky's favorite local spots to visit….

We also went to the Ringling Museum and the Ringling's mansion, the Ca de Zhan, the "House of John"….the museum and the mansion being on the top ten "Must See and Do" lists to experience in Sarasota..It was so ornate and so over the top with its architectural details!

We had breakfast on the beach at the Gulf Cafe Bar and Tiki Grill on Anna Maria Island…

It was a wonderful visit and all too short! Sparky went to post some photos of Jeannie, but can't find them, darn it!

Other than that, it's been fabulous weather…sixties and low seventies…Sparky FINALLY got out in her kayak over near Anna Maria Island…no dolphins spotted today, but LOTS of ospreys. One flew with a fish in it's beak right over Sparky's bow just a few yards in front of the boat before she could get a photo. Here's a selfie of Sparky enjoying the beautiful but windy day…She got a good workout!

Eldo is working on his golf skills with lessons and trying to figure out how to get on the course with all the snowbirds here! We bike ride, Sparky plays pickle ball, attend concerts in the park, try out new restaurants (Wasabi Steakhouse in Bradenton)……Sparky is happy to report that this new restaurant, open just three weeks, is very very good, but the chef needs to improve his table side comments…"OH, MY GOD!" every time he serves each course, is NOT a good thing to say to customers. He said that at least three times as he served the rice, the meat, and the vegetables. And-- "Look at all this food!" does not make you feel like you should finish your meal, which is perhaps not such a bad thing. We COULD have taken some home, but we didn't. :-)
bar area of Wasabi Steakhouse
We've been going to craft fairs and concerts, of which there are an abundance right now…nothing nicer than listening to jazz on a Sunday afternoon in Venice….It was PERFECT weather!

And other than that, life is going great here in Bradenton/Sarasota…We don't want to bore anybody, so we'll be reporting in a little less often than we have been. Sparky wants to have SOMETHING to report before posting again….Thanks for checking back in with us!


  1. We have moved south to the Keys for the rest of February, but will return to Cortez for the month of March. Still need to do a girls kayaking day and could use some knitting tips. Glad to see you are balancing work and play although knowing you there seems to be no distinction. Tell Eldy Vic wants to see a spring training game.

  2. Nice to here from you once in a while and that all is going well.

  3. It's always nice to hear about what you are both doing. I love the comment about the vegetarian! Kids can say the cutest things.

    I'm glad to hear Eldy is at least trying to play some golf. It's a shame though that you live on the golf course and still have to compete with the darn snowbirds!

    I have a friend like your friend Jeannie. She lives in Arkansas and we've been friends for 50 years (yikes, we're old). I'm glad she got through her heart attack and is doing well. Does she like raw hamburger like you do?

    I hope your don't get too much cool weather from this latest cold front. We're even expecting the cool to get here to the Keys.

  4. You have plenty of things to report on just from your regular life that's clear. You are a busy girl so I can't imagine anyone would be bored. But tell Eldo I think it's time for him to cook if you are working and he's not. He should be taking cooking lessons not golf lessons.

    1. ha ha. . .I was thinkin' that if I was goin' to work Sherry. . .I would be expectin' my man to have supper on the table when I got home. . .ha ha! too funny. . .

  5. You guys are always busy :-) That's what retirement is about!

  6. life is good, and busy. . .even if you're not traveling.. .glad you are getting some subbing in. . .that'll keep ya goin'. . .enjoy!