Monday, November 14, 2011

Time to Relax and Do Nothing

That is really, really hard for Sparky to do, sit still and do very little...not so hard for Eldo. (Hey, now, watch it! I pull my weight around here! exclaims E.) You sure do, sweetie!

Sundays are great for football watching for him...Sparky likes to keep busy, so she spent some time today washing windows while Eldo crawled under the rig and lubricated the jacks. I should have gotten a photo of his legs sticking out from under the rig! Missed it! Apparently, the jacks are needing a lube job as when they came up, they made a horrible popping sound, like the springs all of sudden cut loose. The jacks are ok, but there must be some resistance going on for them to pop and crack like that. It sounds like a gunshot going off and causes us to practically have cardiac arrest! And it's worrisome! Guess we'll have to add that to our "to do" list in Red Bay whenever we finally get there!

After getting some minor jobs done today, we both settled in to just stay at the campground and visit with some Alabama folks for a bit at a nearby site. They gave us a BUNCH of nice firewood as they were leaving today, and they told us some things to go see later this week in Montgomery.....We never did find the chamber of commerce the other day, but went online and got some information instead, which corresponded with what they suggested we check out.

Then we moved our rig from site #23 over to site #26, and in the process, dumped our tanks and got ourselves situated in a roomier site with a more expansive view of the lake and river. There was just one slight problem--one of the rear slides did not go in all the way--uh-oh! Check it out...What was wrong? Uh, Sparky left a case of Coke under the bed and it wedged so tight between the slide and the dresser, the slide thought it was done coming in! Oops! Remove the case of Coke, problem solved, whew! and not one can lost--Yay!.....Sparky spent the rest of the day knitting and working on Christmas gifts, and Eldo spent the afternoon watching football. The only excitement the entire rest of the day was an air boat going by. Geez, those things are loud!

It was a great day to just sit and contemplate your navel, as they say....(Who in the heck says that?! E. wants to know.) I dunno, it's an old expression, lol!. At any rate, we love this campground!.....See you tomorrow.....P.S. One more drawback--AT & T service is terrible--in and out standing in one spot and not moving. However, Mi-fi works GREAT! Tomorrow, we go exploring downtown Montgomery, lots and lots of important history in just a couple of blocks!


  1. Be REALLY careful when bringing in the slides that there's nothing in their way.
    (And the following is an example of the internet being a mixed blessing, and by that I mean, unsolicited advise/opinions. Sorry)

    *However*, I've read horror stories of similar things happening, and then the slide needs to be looked at by "professionals". Ulp! Not good.
    And then there's that, "Now how do we get the darned thing to come in all the way to even get it looked at", moment.
    Not fun.

    Note: Today's captcha was "sheates", which is pretty close to what you would say when the slide doesn't work. "Oh sheates!"

  2. I can sit and relax, but I have to be doing something ... otherwise, I get antsy and am up doing something.

  3. A case of Coke....isn't it nice when potential catastrophes are solved so easily. Lucky you!

  4. Could all of that Coke be the reason you can't sit still?? :)

  5. glad that coke didn't explode! I did that once with our little space heater. When I put the slide back out and looked at the heater...oh my. In the dump it went.

  6. The popping you described sounds like the air bags adjusting when the jacks are retracted. It sounds like gunshots and makes me jump every time even though I know it's coming.

  7. Your rig looks just lovely in that setting!