Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mammoth Cave National Park Above Ground!

We moved over to the Mammoth Cave National Park main campground this morning, and got one of the two available full hookups. Yay! The only problem was, the surge protector kept shutting off the power almost immediately when we hooked up to the 50 amp. The campground check in kiosk wasn't being manned continuously today, so it took about two hours before we could get someone to help. The electrician finally showed up to try and fix the box. He had some kind of tester that he used. We're not electrically savvy so we have to rely on someone who is when it comes to electrical stuff. It turns out that the 50 amp was low voltage, shooting very low, about half the voltage it was supposed to, so we switched over to 30 amp with our adaptor, and everything worked fine after that. We decided that the next time we see Sherry and David, from In the Direction of Our Dreams blogging fame, we'll have to get David to teach us how to use one of those tester things! Just add that to our list of things we still need to learn about our coach, right, Eldy? (Right!) We're still in the first year and a half of full timing, so there's LOTS of things we still need to learn! (Right again!)

Add to the list a problem with the water heater not igniting when we switch from electric to gas...the little red light doesn't even come on to say it's trying to ignite. A connection could be loose, we have no clue about that one. It's going on our list for Tiffin, if we ever make it to Red Bay. We've got a growing list going for when we get there, which will probably be AFTER the winter.....Nothing major, except for slide gaskets having shifted so the paint on the coach has been scratched and abraded after going in and out.

Today, I rode my bike all over the sure is pretty! Saw LOTS of deer, one little one right here by the road side as I was riding by on my bike.

When the electrician came out to fix the box, he said there are two bucks that regularly visit the campground, one being a ten pointer! Boy, I hope we see him around! It's completely dark here at Mammoth Cave by 5:00 so if he doesn't show up before that, we're not gonna see him!  He said that the campers here in the summer feed the deer--tch! tch! (That's Sparky clicking her tongue in disproval--but she left a couple of apples out on the deck today, says an observant E. Tch! Tch!) Deck??? Did we say deck? Yes, I did! This site has a deck with TWO picnic tables, wow! And we don't think it's a handicapped site as there are no handicapped signs, nor is there a ramp going off the deck, it's stair steps. We like it!

I discovered that the bike trails all around the park are mountain bike trails on railbed gravel. Big pieces of rock and good for puncturing bike tires, so off the bike trails I came and back onto the road way. It was not busy in the park so the roads were relatively clear of traffic today. Here's one of the boardwalks that you can hike near the Mammoth Cave Hotel. There are other similar bridge/boardwalks that are a part of the bike trails-a welcome respite from the rough gravel bike paths!

Tomorrow it is going to that's our day to tour Mammoth Cave in the morning, and MAYBE we'll go on a tour of the Corvette factory in Bowling Green in the afternoon. Cold weather is moving in tomorrow night, but we'll be leaving Cave City and Mammoth by Thursday. See you tomorrow!


  1. We absolutely loved that campground, but were told the full hookups were for campgrounds hosts. We would have stayed there had I known we could. However, the kids might have been pretty upset, not staying at Jellystone. That is one beautiful park. We'll have to return with our bikes next time. Enjoyed your pictures.
    John Richardson - The Richardson Tribe (